Our Crew

Gary Syrell
Owner / Crew Chief
Years in Racing: 37
Jobs in the shop: Everything/Motor
Jobs at the track: Motor/Jack Man

Brenda Syrell
Caterer / Event Planner

Eric Syrell
Crew / Marketing Rep
Event Planner
Years in Racing: 22
Jobs in the shop: Everything/Welder
Jobs at the track: Equipment/ Fuel /Tire pressures

Melissa Syrell

Joseph Barbera "Joey"
Years in Racing: 21
Jobs in the shop: Body/Chassis
Jobs at the track: Stagger/Chassis

Kris Strobel
Team Scorer

Mathew Wood "Woody"
Years in Racing: 8
Jobs in the shop: Fuel/Tires/Body
Jobs at the track: Fuel/Tire temperatures

Casey Wood
Years in Racing: 4
Job in the shop: Car beautification
Job at the track: Logs all the books

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